Here is a selection of projects I have worked on. 


Diva Cop - Piscine (R/M/P/V/B/K)

Hey Cowboy - The Soft Kind (R/M/P)

Mother Tongues - Microwaved Bubble Gum (single) (R/M/P)

Kites and Boomerangs - Self Titled  (R/M/P)Mah Kee Oh - Single TBA (R/M/P)

Acid Carousel - TBA (R/M/P)

Bad James - and the Glitter Heroine  (R/M/P)

Kiel Grove - TBA (R/M/P)

Clark Nowlin - TBA (R/M/P)

Zach McDaniel - TBA (M/P/G/K/D/B)

Us Presidents - TBA


Bad Beats - Public Display (R/M/P/B/V)

Us Presidents - Love, Do Your Worst To Me (R/M/P/PER)

Ryan West - Restless Nights (R/M/P/D/K/PER/B)

Duncan Fellows - Both Sides of the Ceiling  (R/M/P/PER/K)

Jack Malonis - TBA (R/M/P/K/D/B/G/PER)

Particular People - Meats For Particular People (R/M/P/D/B/K/PER)

Pearl Earl - Pearl Earl (In collaboration with Alex Bhore) (R/M/P/PER/K)

Criminal Birds - TBA (R/M/P)

Samus David Jr. - Literal Trash (R/M/P)

Ariel Hartley - TBA (D/B/Keys/Perc)

MNKR - Stalemate (R/M/P/K)

Mother Tongues - Mother Tongues  (R/M/P)

Kites and Boomerangs - Self Titled (R/M/P)


Mink Coats - Cashed Hits (R/M/P/PER/K)

Cozy Hawks - End Era (R/M/P/G/K/B/D/PER)

Moniker - On a Friday (R/M/P/K/PER)

She Banshee - She Banshee (R/M/P/PER/K)


The Noids - Modern Life (R/M/P/)

She Banshee - Postieval (R/M/P/)

Pearl Earl - Karaoke Superstar (R/M/P/K/PER)

Bad Beats - Tough Luck (R/M/P/K/B/PER)

Various solo work:

Brack Cantrell - Glancing Blow (All)

Glass Caverns - The Age of Waste (All)

Glass Caverns - Glass Caverns (All)

Balance Problems - Neversummer (All)

(More balance problems records on iTunes)

Past Projects:

Clark Nowlin

Cale Tyson

The Lings

Bee Cave

Dalton Kane

Jeremy Ashida


Play Radio Play



Sky Eats Airplane

Sam Robertson


R - Recorded

M - Mixed

P - Produced

B - Bass 

G - Guitar

V - Vocals

PER - Percussion

D - Drums

K - Keys